These Symptoms May Suggest That You Have An Internet Addiction And Need Help

About six percent of people in the world struggle with an addiction that might not seem as serious as drugs or alcohol. However, to those people, that addiction can lead to a series of negative consequences. Internet addiction is a serious issue for many people, and whether you're into browsing the web, chatting with online friends, or playing games, you may start to feel as though your computer use has gone from an enjoyable pastime to an unhealthy habit. If you've reached a struggling point, it's important to know that you can seek professional help from a rehabilitation center — these centers help people through many types of addictions. Here are some symptoms that could be present if you have an Internet addiction.

Elements Of Your Life Get Neglected

Similarly to other forms of addiction, an addiction to the Internet can cause you to neglect other areas of your life. You may begin to pull away from family members, duties around the house, and even your career. In some extreme cases, you might even get fired from your job because you consistently show up late or miss days because you're at home on the Internet. You may even notice that your health begins to suffer — your personal hygiene may become less of a priority, and you might skip meals because of the long stretches of time you spend on the computer.

Online Friends Become A Priority

People who make friends online will often have a number of real-life friends, too. Over time, you may notice that you're skipping out on time with your friends in favor of spending time with your virtual ones. You may stop going out to dinner, going shopping, or attending sporting events with your actual friends — including some that you've been friendly with for years — because you'd rather converse with your virtual friends on the computer.

You Ignore Physical Symptoms

As with many other addictions, Internet addiction can have a physical toll on your body. Your back may be sore from prolonged periods of sitting, while your eyes can get fatigued and you may also develop headaches from staring at the screen for hours at a time. Other physical symptoms can include pain in your hands and wrists, especially on your hand that operates the mouse. If you can clearly identify these issues and you're ready to make a change, seek out a rehab center in your state that cares for those with Internet addictions.